Read and Respond to Bill Ferriter's Posts about Teacher/LIbrarians

Bill Ferriter first posted "All Hail the Mighty Media Specialist," removed it, then followed with "Alright Already, I Surrender" (comments originally disabled, but now allowed).

I responded with two postings, A Partnership and Collaboration and The Unbearable Repartee.

This morning, Bill added this statement:

Blogger's Note: After being equally questioned by three different media specialists for
ending this conversation and encouraged by three different colleagues
to stand by my thinking, I've opened comments on this post. And
against my doctor's orders and my own common sense, I'll also be
reposting my All Hail entry this weekend.

This is an important, very visible conversation. Although I felt a lot of (misdirected, I believe) anger and bitterness in both the posting and a subsequent Twitter conversation (Bill is @plugusin, I am @dmcordell), I think we as a profession must be aware of this attitude and be prepared to defend our school libraries and their value in the education community.

We have to be sure that it doesn't come down to them (grade level and core subject teachers) vs. us (teacher/librarians) when the needs of the students are being considered and tough budget choices are being made.

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