GoogleLitTrips -- WebQuests using Google Earth

Today I discovered a Web site with lots of potential:

It's similar to a Webquest kind of resource using Google Earth combined with teacher-uploaded pictures and reading questions for books read as a class. It's a neat idea worthy of looking at for other projects...I always wondered how to incorporate Google Earth with an academic project!

Questions for follow up:

--can it be used for student-made projects?

-------if so, have students write the questions to develop their questioning skills? (Carol Koechlin's advice in Q Tasks)

--is it best for books that involve a "road trip"?

--or perhaps best for historical fiction?

--similar application for foreign language classes?

--how does the uploading of pictures help/hinder the LitTrip?

--difficulty knowing where to click and what you're supposed to be looking at...would love a tutorial or something on its use with students

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